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The 4th July was certainly being celebrated on the streets of London this year. Not so much for the fact it's the US Independence Day but more for the fact that US Burger heavyweights Five Guys landed in the UK capital.

Opening up on the bottom corner of Long Acre between Leicester Square and Covent Garden the chains first European restaurant is something to behold.

The upstairs of the restaurant houses the main order/pick up cash desk as well as the kitchen in full swing and full view behind it. Downstairs is an almost cavenous vast and brightly lit eating area with tables for perhaps 100 burger lovers.

If you've been to Five Guys in the States the menu will come as no surprise, it's pretty much exactly the same, maybe exactly the same (my dining partner did suggest the patty's in the London branch might be smaller than in the US) if not for the futuristic soda machines.

The menu is simple, burger, cheese burger, bacon burger, bacon cheese burger, bun or bunless? Fries? Cajun fries (recommended)? Soda? Beer? After selecting your burger you get to add an array of toppings including tomato, pickles, jalepenos, mustard etc, or, just go all in!

With a growing and almost saturated 'burger scene' in London Five Guys does offer a fresh, tasty and stark reminder that the US runs this industry! With four more UK venues planned before 2013 is done Five Guys is a serious contender for the best burger in London so whether you are a local or just in town for a few days you should definitely reach for Five Guys.

Five Guys Opening Times

1-3 Long Acre




11.00 - 23.30



11.00 - 23.30


11.00 - 23.30


11.00 - 23.30

Nearest tube - Leicester Square Fri

11.00 - 00.00


11.00 - 00.00

Website - Sun

12.00 - 23.30

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